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We help artists with SECI: Services/ Exposure/ Community/ Income Generation. We provide artists with essential services to relieve them of stress and allow them to live their art. We are working to provide these services and the list is growing.

ArtsKeeper is a social network for arts and culture. This ArtsKeeper platform gives writers, musicians, filmmakers, artists, and artisans of all kinds with a place to show their work on and use ArtsKeeper to help them promote their art and grow a following. The immediate push of ArtsKeeper is to create the network of artists/artisans, their supporters and consumers. We are building an arts-focused community by providing ready-to-use services so the artists and artisans can focus on what they do best... making our world more beautiful.

We provide a disruptive infrastructure that enables the artists to decide how best to get seen and make a living through their art. ArtsKeeper is an advocate for the creators and the "consumers" of the arts. It is our intent to provide free and low-cost benefits to help artists promote their work, build social networks and followings, and earn money.

ArtsKeeper also wants to fund promising new projects and help bring ideas to the world to help make it more beautiful and enjoyable.

invest in artists

ArtsKeeper has the business objective to use the arts to overcome poverty and other social problems which threaten people and society. We are not motivated by profit maximization. We aim to help artists overcome many of the problems that prevent them from focusing on their art.

Although ArtsKeeper desires to obtain financial and economic sustainability, ArtsKeeper has no long-term investors or donors unless needed to become involved in new projects. We hope to become a source of support and funding for new projects and we welcome your ideas. Investors get back their investment amount only; no dividend is given beyond investment money.

ArtsKeeper will always be a good investment for its investors and investors will always be able to make capital gains from investing in ArtsKeeper. When investment amount is paid back, company profit stays with the company for expansion and improvement. Profits from ArtsKeeper will flow in several directions: a) they will be reinvested in ArtsKeeper projects, b) they will be reinvested in giving back to enthusiasts will who help make ArtsKeeper a success, and/or c) they will be invested in helping artists and creating more venues for the arts, they will be reinvested in the community.

Environmentally conscious, ArtsKeeper endeavors never to harm the environment. Workforce gets market wage with better working conditions. ArtsKeeper aims to be an employer of choice and will work to represent the arts community in our workforce diversity. We do it with joy!

ArtsKeeper will always be a site creating joy for itself, its workers, its enthusiasts and volunteers, its investors and donors and most importantly, the artistic community.

Donations are being accepted and will be used to fund ArtsKeeper operations and provide modest support for our volunteers - many are struggling artists working to start their careers in the arts.


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