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Rattlesnake Run - Peter Stevenson

Rattlesnake Run

Rattlesnake Run - Peter Stevenson

Peter Stevenson is a fine artist and illustrator. He has lived and worked in various markets, including Washington D.C., center city Philadelphia, northern New Jersey and New York City, where he is a member of the prestigious Society of Illustrators.

His illustrations have been featured in many magazines and publications, including The Washington Post, The Washington Book Review, and The Wall Street Journal, and his work has been commissioned by clients that include AT&T Communications, Crayola, Earle Palmer Brown, Citibank, and J. Walter Thompson. Stevenson simultaneously spent decades in advertising as first an Art Director and then Creative Director for leading agencies and corporations, such as AT&T, Aramark Corp, Marra Advertising and Stiegler, Wells & Brunswick.

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