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Build A Nation

Build A Nation

1908: Australia commenced to build a nation. Wool became a major commodity in south western Queensland. Australia built on the sheep’s back. Nat Young purchased sheep properties in south-western Queensland west of Cunnamulla a decade before in hope Founding Fathers: Treasure House of a Nation’s Heart located to his area. His dreams shattered with the announcement Treasure House of a Nation’s Heart being selected at another location.


Lord Nolan won 1908 Melbourne Cup. Desi Whiteman previously appeared in ‘Tilbaroo Station’ is re-introduced to ride Lord Nolan in the great race.
Queensland Rugby League formed its historical beginning. Ryan Carlson, who first appeared in ‘Tilbaroo Station’ a decade before now is twenty-one years old selected to play Rugby League for Australia.


Queensland State election. Who would become Queensland Premier?
Boy Scout movement commenced in Queensland. Andre Carlson, younger brother of Ryan Carlson became first boy-scout in Queensland.

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