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Enimnori:Discovery  (book 2)

Enimnori:Discovery (book 2)

Can a modern engineer survive in a world where magic is real?


A man from the modern world, Scott Hathaway, an electronics engineer with a penchant for martial arts, has been transported to another world where magic is real. He becomes friends with his accidental summoner, Brandon, and Brandon's mentor, master magician Morgan. The two magicians become embroiled in a battle to protect their home. Scott, not wanting to see his new friends killed or enslaved, teaches them how to make gunpowder. Grateful, they organize an expedition to find more of the special crystals that enhance their power in an attempt to send him back to his own world and family. Now they must brave the dangers of an almost unknown wilderness and face whatever they find at the end of their journey.

  • Author Bio

     I am a former Software Engineer who grew up in Richmond Massachusetts, I am now retired and live with my wife and mother-in-law in Western Massachusetts. I have four grown children, one son and three daughters, all of whom still reside in Massachusetts. I have a B.S. in Mathematics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and have done graduate work in both Applied Math and Computer Science.  I’ve been an avid reader (mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy) since grade school.  My first novel was a long time in the making (nearly 20 years) and has been split into two books Enimnori: Arrival and Enimnori: Discovery. Book three (Enimnori:Challenge) is due out in 2023with book 4 (Enimnori:Crisis) about well under way.

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    ... I was sort of reminded of Yankee in King Arthur’s Court with this one in a way as it was really fun to see Scott use his modern knowledge to influence the battles of a Medieval-type society.  It was fun going the other way, too, and exploring Webber’s world of magic and sorcerers’ battles!...

    …a suspenseful adventure with the main characters Scott Hathaway, and Brandon, –whose magic and skills bring them to the battlefield determining the best course of action…

    Diane Calabrese MS, CTRS-professor/author of Mind, Body, Spirit and Discovering the Purpose of Life

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