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Mistaken Allegiance

Mistaken Allegiance

"Mistaken Allegiance" is a mystery thriller with a dash of romance that keeps the reader intensely absorbed till the end. The story takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of platonic love of the protagonist, who is enchanted by the ethereal beauty of the woman who lures him into accepting a lucrative offer of a job that has too many occupational hazards.


The rigorous military training the protagonist underwent at the terrorists' camps in Baghdad and Yemen transforms him into a versatile combatant to anticipate any threat and thwart it. His sharp grasping faculty eases the protracted process of learning and helps him emerge as a resilient individual of unrivalled skill. As a Senior Intelligence Officer of a Government Agency, his overwhelming desire to vanquish the enemies out of his fierce determination to protect the lives of the individuals and their assets prevails whenever he confronts threats from the militants. He is invariably fortunate to escape, by the skin of his teeth, the bullets fired at him by marksmen, who are specially assigned to liquidate him physically. The career he chooses is what he has in mind from the beginning but vastly different from what he is forced to embrace by the circumstances.


Some of the events the Author has narrated in the novel have actually occurred in different contexts and so the places and some names of the characters and dates of episodes have been changed to suit the story.

  • Author Bio

    The septuagenarian Author had his college education in Delhi and after completing it, he worked in various capacities, for private companies, some globally renowned transactional companies, and some even small domestic establishments, mostly based in Delhi. He ended up having had a checkered career.

    He took to writing after graduating in Journalism in 1975 and wrote several pieces of article in magazines and newspapers, as he discovered that he had a strong flair for writing on a variety of subjects. Ironically, the opportunities for earning his livelihood from writing were far and few between in the 1970s, apart from the woefully low remuneration being paid for it and were hardly anything to write home about. Therefore, he had to work in private companies to supplement the income of his family members so that his parents could manage a large family.

    "Mistaken Allegiance" is his debut novel and another book, an anthology, which is being re-edited now, will be published soon.

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