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Tilbaroo Station

Tilbaroo Station

Story Thus Far: ‘The Shearer’: ‘The Shearer’ is the first book in this series. Set in 1891 at the scene of ‘The Great Shearers Strike’. Major character Joe Ryan. Joe fought for better working conditions and wages for his fellow shearers. Along the way he fell in love with Hannah Young, a grazier’s daughter. During 1890 Christmas Dinner with Hannah’s parents, her landlady Ma, and Hannah’s grandmother discovered they are sisters separated when Ma aged ten, Hannah’s grandmother at birth. First time they’ve met since being separated. 1891 Joe Ryan met his friend Joe Gibson, a fellow shearer to help fight for better working conditions and wages.


During the strike, graziers wouldn’t permit ‘striking shearers’ to shear their sheep. Contracted shearers were those who held a ‘non-union ticket to shear’ only hired by graziers. Joe Gibson held this ticket. At the height of ‘Great Shearers Strike of 1891’ Joe Ryan gathered his shearers to strike on the outskirts of Cunnamulla. Four months they survived until police intervened to stop the strike. Joe Gibson met his friend Joe Ryan on the final day at the strike camp before police arrived. They exchanged clothing plus personal items. Joe Gibson took Joe Ryan’s place. They changed identities.


‘Click Go The Shears’ is the second book in this series. Follow-on from ‘The Shearer’. Joe Ryan who has the identity of Joe Gibson escapes capture whilst Joe Gibson takes the place of Joe Ryan to be tried for leading the strikers. Thirteen strikers appeared in court, sentenced to three years imprisonment for their part. Joe Ryan (Gibson) serves his imprisonment at St. Helen Island Prison in Moreton Bay. At the end of his prison term both Joe’s meet at Barcaldine (original town where the strike occurred) to return to their own identities. Joe Gibson returned to Cunnamulla to eventually meet Hannah who still resided with Ma at her boarding house. Joe and Hannah fell in love. They marry. Hannah’s father gifts his property ‘Tilbaroo Station’ to them as their wedding gift. ‘Tilbaroo Station’ is the third book in this series.


Read on to follow the lives of Joe and Hannah

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