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W.D. Killpack III - Order of Light: Book Two of New Blood (New Blood Saga 2)


• 5/5 Stars — "What an incredible story! One of the most well-written and well-developed stories I have ever come across. A poignant, sensational, and captivating novel that will take [you] on a turbulent-but-fantastic journey full of ups and downs and shocks and thrills galore! Order of Light's enthralling moments [and] unpredictable nature will have you turning the pages with haste. Order of Light is an addictive read with a unique premise as well as the excellent literature. Kilpack is an incredibly talented author [whose] remarkable descriptions genuinely amazed me! Order of Light is a marvelous book that will delight readers. Five stars!" —
• 5/5 Stars — "Order of Light by W.D. Kilpack III is a fabulous book. It is magical and captivating. I was immersed in the story from the beginning till the end. The characters and the plot were both so well-written that [it] made me feel I was with them. A wonderful novel that I enjoyed 100% and recommend to all. " —
• 5/5 Stars — Order of Light is "just as good [as Crown Prince] ... a quick-paced by W.D. Kilpack III with an amazing ability to storytell. That's an amazing quality that makes you want to read one more page, one more chapter. This lovely book has events and descriptions that make the reader become invested in the characters and, thus, the story. I can't wait for the next book!" — Clairey Reads (Coventry, England)
• 5/5 Stars — "A great followup to Crown Prince [which was] one of the most fantastic fantasy books that I have read so far! New characters are introduced and I'm impressed by his storytelling ... from characterization to event building... everything is lucid. I'm eagerly waiting for book three." — Just Pratibha (India)
• 4/5 Stars — "Kilpack does it again with Order of Light. Following on Crown Prince, we learn more about Ellis and Natharr as they find sympathisers in a supposedly sleepy village who have been under the careful watch of the garrison for years. Behind closed doors, there is a different story to tell. A great fantasy book with all the world-building you'd expect." — Books with Gina (England)
• 4/5 Stars — "The author writes beautifully, with swaths of description and rhetoric, prose equal to the stories intricacies. Although Fantasy is not my favorite genre, I really enjoyed Order of Light! If Fantasy is your thing, then you will be in your element!" — Daisy Hollands (Shropshire, England)
• 3/4 Stars — Order of Light's "best part is vivid description. Each character is outlined with distinct traits ... these details bring them to life, making them more realistic and relatable." —

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2022 Firebird Book Award Winner • 2023 The BookFest Award Winner

The future of Mankind relies on the Guardian of Maarihk. Can a mysterious Order help him repair the damage of choosing happiness over duty?

Despite the Guardian of Maarihk being condemned as anathema, and his very existence relegated to legend, Natharr resumes his ancient responsibilities as Mankind's protector. He joins with a mysterious Firstborn companion, Ellis the Elder, to journey into the snow reaches of Biraald, where his Sight promises he will find those who secretly adhere to the ways of the Olde Gods.

Although Biraaldi bloodlines show their Firstborn heritage more clearly than even in Maarihk itself, the two nations have never enjoyed peace. It has been far worse since the rise of Brandt the Usurper to Maarihk's throne. Natharr and Ellis must navigate the threats not only against the Firstborn, but the Maarihkish, as they seek out the sympathizers he Saw who are brave enough to resist Maarihk's tyranny. Only then can the damage be repaired from when Natharr chose personal happiness with Darshelle and the young crown prince over his weighty responsibilities as Guardian of Maarihk.

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