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Conflict in the City

Conflict in the City

Mixing and blending the genres of detective noir and music, "Conflict in the City" takes place in greater Los Angeles, home to both classic and modern fictional detectives as well as the center of the music universe, where many famous artists got their start. It's in the world that we find Johnny "Whoops" Watson and Billy Bates, young guitarists/singers and their band, Conflict, playing clubs in modern L.A., where the days of rock's ascendance and zenith has faded but the hopes and dreams of aspiring musicians haven't. Conflict is struggling and chaos ensues when someone close to the band is killed. Johnny and Billy become swept up in the mystery, ill-prepared as they are to confront it. This novel is the first in a series.

  • Author Bio

    Philip M. Cohen was born in New York City and moved to Los Angeles in his 20's. A musician since his pre-teens, he began writing songs and playing with bands in his teens and had a near-encounter with fame before the all-too-common bottom dropped out. He then became a music attorney and is still involved in music on the creative side. He spends most of his time writing and playing music, plus the occasional legal work to keep the lights on.

  • Reviews

    Conflict in the City is a fast-paced, lively, “can’t wait to keep reading” novel in the tradition of Donald Westlake’s Parker novels by way of Roddy Doyle’s The Commitments

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