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Deadly Kalimantan - Charles Glenn

Deadly Kalimantan - Charles Glenn

Fleeing from recent tragedies Steve picks a point on the globe and heads to Bali Indonesia. His intent is to drink himself to death and remove his bad Karma from the earth. Life had other plans and the adventure grows ever deeper in a new land with new customs. Borneo (Kalimantan) becomes the focus of the chaos. Steve is surrounded by larger than life characters and well, read the book....

  • Author Bio

    Author of the Steve Hartshorn Adventures series. I have been writing for forty years but a year and a half ago decided to publish. My novels, 3 so far and one coming out in the fall, are Murder, Mayhem, Mystery and Mirth. The scenes are primarily tropical since I grew up in The Dominican Republic and Jamaica. I ran an import business' out of Indonesia for nearly twenty years which plays into my books. Steve is a rapscallion by nature always looking for the easy way out. He can promise you three things. True love will remain elusive, The bodies will stack up like baseball cards and in the end his bank account will fill with unwanted gains, Steve is surrounded with a cast of rich characters no matter where he goes to hide from life

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