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Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

TRAUMA, ADDICTION, AND RECOVERY. Aged 15, Matthew was hit by a car traveling at high speed. Although physically he made a full recovery, his mental health was never the same again. Experimenting with drugs and alcohol started off as an escape from everyday life, but it soon turned into an addiction that completely took over his already fragile mind. It turned him into a thief and a liar, and it caused his mental health to reach breaking point over and over again. Whenever he managed to climb back to his feet, he announced a ‘fresh start’, but his demons always had other ideas and knocked him down again. This is the inspirational memoir of an ordinary young man’s struggles and how he finally found a way out, showing that recovery is possible.

  • Author Bio

    My name is Matthew Ingram, author of 'Endless Possibilities: My Fresh Start', and I'm 29 years old and from Cheltenham, UK. I am also a blogger on Facebook and Instagram (@followmattsjourney) where people all over the world follow my day-to-day life as a recovering drug addict. In my spare time I love eating out, going running and walking, exploring the country and doing all things recovery-related. My mission in life is to spread the message of 'Endless Possibilities' far and wide and help as many people as I possibly can.

    Thank you for reading.

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