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The Last Cavalry Sword - C. Anthony Burke

The Last Cavalry Sword - C. Anthony Burke

The Last Cavalry Sword tells the story of the last major power to develop a sword as a combat weapon for its army -- the US Model 1913 Cavalry Sword and Saber, and the man who forced its, George S. Patton.


The book provides an overview of the history of swords in Europe, Colonial America and the United States and the forces that continued to advocate for the sword as a sidearm in the Army up to the 20th century.


The book describes Patton's achievements in the 1912 Olympics and how he used his report to his superiors to advocate for a new kind of saber for the US Army. Finally the book follows the production of the last cavalry sword and the eventual obsolescence of horse cavalry.


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  • Author Bio

    A native Washingtonian, Anthony Burke studied history at The George Washington University, where three prior generations of his family had earned degrees. After obtaining a BA, Anthony began a career with the US Federal Government, but in his off time has written an original work of nonfiction. He lives with his family in McLean, Virginia.

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