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The Path Which Shapes Us

The Path Which Shapes Us

Clifford Malothi, an adopted 14-year-old orphan boy, who loves his uncle, his girlfriend and his dog, is catapulted into the intrigues of a world of drugs and gangsters which threatens his life, the life of his uncle, and the life of his girlfriend, Nandi Parker. War between the gangster Nasty Boys, who bully everyone at school, and the good Street Disciples seems unavoidable. It means death for all the people involved in the war.


Can Cliff prevent this war?


Does his master plan work? Is he successful? Read this novel by Lazola Pambo, an up-and-coming author, to find the answers to these important questions which are so relevant to today’s drug and gangster problems.

  • Author Bio

    Lazola Pambo is a lover of all things literature and artistic. He is a non-conformist of the mundane and a firm believer that art is what shapes the world to become a better place. 

    The majority of his work has been published in “The Criterion: An International Journal in English,” “New Contrast,” “Gemini Magazine,” “Sentinel Literary Quarterly,” “2014-2016 Sol Plaatje European Union Anthology,” “New Coin,”and “STORGY Magazine,” among local and international acclaimed literary journals.

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