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Creating Art with a Zeal for Life

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Art is a spiritual practice. The creative energy of life flows through the artist and is revealed on the page. This short course explores the wonderment of creativity and celebrates every unique creative moment. @christinegirardartiste8022 1 month ago You are describing exactly what I have discovered in my years of experimenting with intuitive art and it is only when I began practicing zen meditation that I found a way to enter this type of art making at will. My entire art practice is automatic in that way and animals are appearing all over ! It is amazing to be such a creative vessel of life. I am really glad to hear of other people experiencing this as well. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! @Narasatina 1 month ago Thank you for opening me up. I am a professional artist but this is something I always wanted to do. Often when I make my initial marks on a canvas, I feel they look good and I should stop. I did a dozen in 5 minutes this morning following your advice. I like them. Painting without intention. Beautiful. And therapeutic.

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