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Dirkbell is the first book in an illustrated series by Robert Sherriff that explores imagination, kindness and community using charming characters that inhabit the woods.


Squirrel and family man, Dirkbell likes the easy life with his wife and young children. But Cooper, the brown terrier, is spending his days barking and disturbing all the neighbours in the woods. Dirkbell just can't get any peace, so he decides to take matters into his own hands. Dirkbell the squirrel lives at the top of a gigantic oak tree near the sea, with his wife and their twin babies. Every day he scampers around the woods, collecting enough food for his family. He is friendly with the Mice family who owns the bakery at the foot of the tree but when Cooper, a brown terrier who lives nearby, scares off Tom the cat, then Dirkbell takes matters into his own hands. Can he persuade Cooper to mend his ways? Will Tom come back if he does?


It’s up to Dirkbell to try to save the day and the peace of his neighbourhood by convincing the unruly pup to value friendship and to be considerate towards others. This book is about doing the right thing and looking after your neighbours.

  • Website

    Check out the YouTube video accompanying "Dirkbell" publication.

  • Author Bio

    The love of my life, Carol, my second wife and I were married in 1981. We have four children. Robbie 3rd – Kellie – Hayley – Jarryd. Robert has two boys from his first marriage. Mark and Adam. I have twelve grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

    Robert worked in telecommunication for many years. I employed 25 men. He has only been writing for THE LAST five years. He had no education. The highest level I got to was grade three. He is self-educated.

    Robert only wishes he had started to write when he was a lot younger. Robert started writing poetry. Which led him to start writing books.

    Robert believes in God, Faith and Morality. Robert found Jesus and God at an incredibly early age.

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