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Echoes From Her Cocoon: The Regress

Echoes From Her Cocoon: The Regress

This book is an attempt to provide a holistic understanding of being in the process of transformation, so that it will be less painful for others. This book is a collection of thirty poems. It is the second volume of the anthology named Echoes from her Cocoon.  It brings the readers closer to a window that overlooks their process, progress, and unacknowledged breakthroughs. The book is a continuation and commencement of the final volume.


Author Bio Devshree is an independent writer and editor. Her work spans across different genres like creative writing, business writing, academic writing, etc. Her reverence for art reflects in her creative work. Poetry is her first love. She is a published author of the first and second volume of her Poetry collection Echoes from her cocoon and a political fiction novel. Her work has been featured in different magazines across the globe. She is the winner of a British Playwright contest and a Lebanese literary contest. She is also a screenwriter and loves drawing and painting.


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