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Demon Seed: Book Three of New Blood - W.D. Kilpack III

Demon Seed: Book Three of New Blood - W.D. Kilpack III

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2023 International Firebird Book Award Winner • April 2022 Editor's Choice,


The future of Mankind relies on the Guardian of Maarihk. Can an ancient force, lost aeons past, overcome fate?


Despite growing power of the forces of chaos, there is a glimmer of hope as Natharr realizes that there are also forces of order in play. It is made plain when he and his comrades escape the faceless realm and Natharr’s Sight is released. It reveals just how strongly the world needs the Guardian of Maarihk and the return of the legendary Knights of Ril to the land where Mankind was created. Racing for home unwittingly leads to unearthing an ancient force created by the Olde Gods, believed lost aeons past.


Meanwhile, Darshelle and the crown prince struggle to make the most of their lives without Natharr’s protection. Forced to make their own way, the fruit of Quiet One’s efforts comes fully to bear, as Nathan and his summoned companion reawaken the animus of the ancient wood. The ramifications are horrible and far-reaching, changing their world forever.

  • About the Author

    W.D. Kilpack III, MPC, PSMC, is an award-winning and critically acclaimed internationally published writer, with works appearing in print, online, radio and television, starting with his first publication credit at the age of nine, when he wrote an award-winning poem. As an adult, his first three novels, Crown PrinceOrder of Light, and Demon Seed each received the International Firebird Book Award, while Crown Prince and Order of Light received The BookFest Award. Demon Seed and Rilari were both Editor's Choice on BooksShelf and, previously, Order of Light was a Top Pick. He also received special recognition from L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest for his novella, Pale Face. In total, his books have received 18 awards. He has been editor and/or publisher of 19 news and literary publications, both online and in print, with circulations as high as 770,000. He is a partner in Safe Harbor Films, LLC, where he does their screenwriting and oversees their marketing efforts.

    He received both his bachelor's and master's degrees from Westminster College of Salt Lake City. As an undergrad, he double-majored in communication and philosophy, while completing the Honors Program. As a graduate student, he earned a master of professional communication with a writing emphasis. He was also a high-performing athlete, qualifying for international competition in Greco-Roman wrestling.

    He is a communication professor and a nationally recognized wrestling coach. He is an accomplished cook and has cooked nearly every type of food on a grill. He is happily married to his high-school sweetheart and is father to five children, as well as helping to raise five step-children. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he continues to live, coach and teach.

  • Reviews

    • 5/5 Stars — "Demon Seed is the thrilling and fast-paced third book in the New Blood Saga ... Kilpack does not disappoint! Demon Seed is a shocking and brilliant tale that will reintroduce readers to characters we have come to love/be invested in. In this third book, the stakes are as high as ever and the story the reader is taken on will enthrall, captivate and excite its readers ... Kilpack from the beginning hooks his readers and keeps them enchanted to the very end. I have to recommend Demon Seed to readers that love epic fantasy! Demon Seed is one that is full of shocks, thrills, and twists and turns galore that will keep you on edge from beginning to end. [It] is an incredibly suspenseful novel and this is thanks to the wonderful author, whose work I love ... [Demon Seed] did not let me down, this saga has not lost its momentum or uniqueness. Kilpack is an exceptional author [who] knows how to flawlessly transport his readers into the story ... the descriptions are phenomenal ... Demon Seed is a magnificent and entertaining book that will easily entertain its readers for many hours! That is why I of course have to award this incredible book five stars!"
    • 4.5/5 Stars — "An enthralling installment in the New Blood Saga that takes readers on a thrilling journey! Kilpack masterfully weaves together elements of fantasy and adventure, immersing readers in a richly imagined universe where forces of chaos and order clash in an epic battle. Natharr's growth as the Guardian of Maarihk is compelling, and his internal struggles add depth to his journey. The supporting characters, such as Darshelle and the crown prince, bring their own perspectives and challenges ... that readers can invest in. Kilpack's prose is evocative and vivid ... the descriptions of the ancient forces and the consequences of their awakening are haunting and thought-provoking. Demon Seed is a must-read for those seeking a thrilling and immersive fantasy reading experience! Kilpack's skillful storytelling will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment in this gripping saga!" — Just Pratibha (India)
    • 3/4 Stars — "I love the values taught in [Demon Seed, such as] loyalty [and] the true meaning of love! Events in the story come to life! Demon Seed is well recommended to lovers of adventure and suspense ... the story will keep [you] till the very end!" —

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