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PIG - Graham Pryor

PIG - Graham Pryor

“We can do what we like,” said the burly policemen to Bill. “We’re the law.” That sounded just the sort of job that might suit him. Do what you like with impunity, have a bit of power over folk, and get paid a half-decent wage at the same time. It was the moment of his epiphany, but it was a change of life that brought Bill into a larger game than the one he was used to, a world where more powerful people than he exercised their entitlements, a world where he was returned to a familiar struggle against unfair laws and the plight of desperate people. Using his native wit – and a GCSE in Latin, he would proudly claim – Bill treads a risky path to help foil organised people trafficking, sustained throughout by his sense of humour and an old-school irreverence. If you can’t beat them, join them, may have been his motto, but he learns that sometimes one has to accept there are certain elements of established society that will never be beaten. Bill, however, remains optimistic to the last, he has his own inner advocate for survival, and survive he will.

  • Author Bio

    Graham’s first publication of 2023, Man With A Gun, ( was released on 28th April. It depicts life in a Scottish coastal village, with its traditional jolly characters: gun runners, money launderers, hookers, dog nappers, a private militia and a duchess who isn’t, not forgetting, at the centre of this misadventure, a man with a gun.

    Coming on 26th June 2023, and with the same publisher, is Alba Regained, which charts the excursions of two young Scottish patriots in the uprising that follows the Westminster government’s plan to sell off Scotland’s NHS to the Americans. Against a background of worsening climate events, this is a tale of political and elemental survival.

    Later in the year, look for Cerberus - A World Gone To The Dogs, Graham’s most ambitious work yet. Aliens have arrived on Earth to ‘unmake’ the human race before they take their destructive nature into space. They endow the Canidae with a higher consciousness, including speech, and the narrative explores how the animals deal with this change as they grapple with their elevation to the status of dominant species. Reviewers of the manuscript have described the book as mesmerising.

    His earlier works, from Preferred Lies to To Be Frank, are all still available from Amazon.

    Graham lives on the north east Scottish coast, where rambles with his dog, Loki, often generate themes for his writing.

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