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Queen and princess by Munezero JMV

Queen and princess by Munezero JMV

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The artist describes this piece as a conversation between a mother and a daughter, a queen and a princess. But this conversation is a recurring one, and with every reoccurrence, they're drawn closer, the risk of being driven apart ever overshadowed by all the shared secrets. In this particular conversation, the queen and the princess are on vacation away from their castle. It seems to be the first time for the princess, who starts asking questions after seeing how people are living beyond the borders of their castle. The risk of being driven apart has never been greater, the queen's grip too, however, never tighter.

Year Published/Produced: 2020

  • Author Bio

    MUNEZERO JMV was born 28.08.1991 in NYAMASHEKE, in western province of Rwanda. He is Rwandan Visual artist and started painting in 2010 he also sold his first art piece in 2011. Since we don’t have art classes in local schools he had to learn the techniques himself by staying with artists from Ivuka Arts Studio in Kigali.The studio was an open space where artists are free to come by and use the facilities for learn and creating; his works mostly consist of painting on canvas, sculptures and installations but also by doing public art and designing murals.Furthermore, on Saturday he gives arts classes to the kids from the neighbourhood where he teach them the basics of art drawing and painting. 

    He had the possibility to participate the several workshops, some of organized by: KuremaKurebaKwiga Project. in 2013. US Embassy, Project “My democracy” in 2014. AEGIS Trust (Rwanda), Project the Art Peace 1in 2014. KuremaKurebaKwiga Project “Painting Community: Street Art and Participatory Social Change in 2015. AEGIS Trust (Rwanda), Project “Art Peace 2 in 2015. Hi Work us Artist fulltime 12 years.

    Also Munezero JMV has works as an Manage of Ivuka arts canter and studio for 4 years in 2016 to 2019 SELECTED EXHIBITIONS: - 2012/ ( Rwandan young artists Grow up ) in London - 2013/ ( I have a dream) at U.S. Embassy in Kigali Rwanda - 2016/ ( 365 days of year ) at Inganzo arts canter in Kigali Rwanda - 2017 December/ ( Iwacunyumbani )at Inganzo arts canter in Kigali Rwanda - 2017 November up feb 2018/ (East African art Biennale) Was tour in East Africa, Tanzania,Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda at the Hotel des Mille Collines - 2018 December/ ( Hands to Hands Mubugenibwacu) at ivuka arts Gallery in Kigali Rwanda - 2019:April ( Mumasangano) at K.C.V.G in Kigali Rwanda - 2019 July / ( Autour art exhibition) at new BPR Tower Kigali Rwanda - 2019:July / ( photo voice photograph exhibition) at Ivuka arts Gallery in Kigali Rwanda - 2019 November / ( East African Art biennale ) at Nafasi Art Space in Dar Esalamm Tanzania - 2020 December / ( Bad Idea )at Nafasi Art Space in Dar Esalamm Tanzania - 2021Decemberb/ ( trinity group art exhibition ) at NP art center in Kigali Rwanda -2022 August 26 a solo art exhibition show ( PROCESS ) at NP-ARTS-CENTER in Kigali Rwanda - 2023 December / ( collective art exhibition show) by 10 artist's from NPart center in Kigali Rwanda His teaching 34 kids from Intango arts kids project and individual people like, Deborah, Nizeyimana, Patrick and more you can see On Intango art kid’s project on Facebook page ……. Working as an artist give him the chance to express himself and art lovers all long journey that he have made in his life perceptions, it accomplishes himself and also motivates him to keep working. He truly believes that art can change things and even help to move forward without stack into the past and looking for the future.

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