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The Blame Game

The Blame Game

For over 2 decades I have been working with people to help overcome stress and negative emotions. In my career as a body-centered therapist, I helped people identify pains that are from emotional experiences, and remove them from their bodies, to have freedom of movement and freedom of mind.


As a teacher of the Art of Living programs, I see people transform their lives to handle stress with ease, and choose to be dynamic, happy, and peaceful. 


I want this for you.


This book is your first step to overcoming a crippling habit, Blame. Whether you are blaming someone or something else, or you feel you are being blamed for good or bad reasons, blame constricts you.


Use the exercises and resources, think about the ideas and quotes, and with good intentions, you can change the way you relate to yourself and others. Your positive and encouraging sides will blossom.


Get THE BLAME GAME E-Book PLUS STRATEGY SESSION with your purchase - a $250 value!



  • Author Bio

    My careers in various fields have always focused on developing and enhancing harmony is people's lives and welfare.  
    I studied and taught economics. 
    I managed not-for-profit organizations. 
    I organized community events. 
    I sang and toured. 

    For decades I have pursued studies in the healing arts.
    This includes tools and techniques to calm the mind and reduce stress.
    This includes the powers of music and vibrations.
    This includes caring, encouraging and gratitude for the opportunities to serve.

    The body-mind-spirit is a symphony of rhythms, flows, and bursts of life and death.  The manifestations of the vibrations of every cell and impulse are the forms, behaviours, thoughts and desires that oscillate to be ease or dis-ease.  

    Today I serve however I can and teach what has helped me, and millions of people, to reduce stress and increase wellbeing and happiness.

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