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Ricky Mato Paisip Narewec - "THE POETIC PACIFIC"

Ricky Mato Paisip Narewec - "THE POETIC PACIFIC"

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Poetries are raw, fluid, and musical that derives from one’s overflowing feelings and emotions! Within that reach of human expression, a powerful, secretive, and mysterious world is unfolding in this collection of 124 poems.

It brings forth some of the amazing and newfound discoveries that provide solutions to most of the policy issues we have today such as; measures to cure all kinds of diseases and illnesses, measures to completely eradicate poverty and achieve poverty less state, measures to end wars and achieve peace, measures to end natural disasters and accidents, and measures to achieve infinite experience.

Within the current motion of pandemic uncertainties our world is going through, this is a must-read book for policymakers, scholars, poetic fans, and everyone!

  • Author Bio

    I am an aspiring Poet and Writer. When I am not writing, I love to listen to music and hang out with family and friends. I have a background in public policy which I am most passionate about. I value life most of all and everything that is around me. These are some of the reasons why I wrote this book with interpretations of the underlying thoughts that links to some of the major policy issues we have today.

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