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MARK MY WORDS: Paperback  Will Never Go Out Of Style

When was the last time you read a book? Flipped a book from page to page and enjoyed the feeling of holding something solid.

Since the invention of the Gutenberg press in the 15th century, physical books have been the standard and nothing ever came close. That is until 2011 and the rise of e-books.

By the end of 2012, almost everyone was certain that e-books were going to put an end to physical books. By 2020, the rise of e-book readers had jumped from 17% in 2011 to 28%. And there were many reasons why people favored digital reading. 

First, it puts literature and education right at our fingertips. You were no longer constrained to bookstores or libraries before you could enjoy your favorite Charles Dickens, Sidney Sheldon, or Jane Austen. E-books were a whole lot less costly and if you didn't have enough space to store books, all you needed to do was arrange them all in a tidy folder on your phone.

Above all, the rise of e-books gave aspiring authors a chance to bypass the brick and mortar publishing houses and get their works to a large audience when ready. While e-books do have a place in our fast paced world of technology, and caused a decline in the sale of physical books, it never succeeded in eliminating it entirely.


Because there is nothing like the look, feel, and smell of a book.

In our ever advancing world that can get overwhelming, there is nothing like sitting in a bookstore, library, or a private nook in your home flipping through your favorite book.

It provides a place to escape to.

A place where you can tune out the rest of the world, have a glass of juice at your side and delve into a world of fantasy, mystery, history, and suspense. 

Physical books have become nostalgic, every copy unique to the owner, and a physical reminder of a time well spent and the worlds you have traveled.

Today's book covers are works of art that captivate and draw you in. Some, tell you the story without ever opening the book.

For those who love interior decor, a colorful display of books can just be the perfect finishing touch.

No matter how digital our world gets, hard copy books will never go out of style and I can't wait to see more people appreciate the fact that we can hold and enjoy a piece of someone's mind.

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This is so true! Powerful forces exist to turn books into one-size-fits-all commodities, even in print format, but humans will forever appreciate craftsmanship in language and design.


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