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Promote Your Art With ArtsKeeper

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

In this day and age, the need to promote your art is the highest in creative individuals. Any type of artist has to work extra hard to get the audience just to see even a flake of their work since the competition is super high. Thus, exposure becomes almost a necessity.

Why has it become extremely important to promote your art?

By promoting your art in different places, you get exposure. The views are very important as they make you popular. You can make your hobby into your income, and doesn't every artist want that?

Social media has circulated a kind of notion to get the likes, views, and comments of people. Only the popular pages get the love of users though. So, even though it does help some creative individuals, many of the creative artists struggle because of not enough followers. When they don't get enough response from their audience, it makes them discontinue their art.

And thus, an artist needs to find a positive place where they can freely publish their artwork, and that's where ArtsKeeper comes in.

ArtsKeeper- The go-to place to promote your art.

At ArtsKeeper, any type of artist belonging to any field of art can publish their content and promote their artwork. Whether you are a singer, writer, photographer, or any other type of creative individual and you want to find the right spot to promote your art, ArtsKeeper is your best option.

Following is a brief description of the fields in which you can submit your work:

For authors: This is one of the best options for independent writers to get their writing (both book authors and article writers) to a wide audience. The exposure brings them the attention of the audience. The platform will also have an ebook reader soon, which you can use to read the articles and publications of the authors. In the sites, Books section, you can find books of numerous genres!

For artists: In comparison to music and videos, painters don't have as many platforms where they can show their artwork. Everybody, every artist knows how hard it is to find a painting exhibition to place even a single artwork in, let alone a whole collection. ArtsKeeper is really a great way to submit your artwork where you can also publish the necessary information and facts related to the painting and the artist.

For Performers: Artists can submit their videos of singing and performing on the platform and link them to their preferred page or site. This way you can find various types of performances in a single place from independent performers. Again, this is one of the competitive fields and who knows from where you could get discovered.

For Photographers: Not only can you post different collections of your images and photographs here but you can also write the main topic and the surrounding of what made you click those photographs the first time. Click this link to get a look through to see what is already published on the site by artists.

For Musicians: Music artists need to have a certain high volume of an audience to get a music deal. There have been numerous artists born out of the love of internet audiences that they showed to the musicians. No, they have millions and millions of fans. But, since the competition in the music industry has become more fierce than ever, you need to be on your toes and get an audience from anywhere you can. You can add your music on the website with a small description of yourself so that if someone is interested, then they can search and learn about you. Take a sneak peek of the site here.

For article writers: If you are not an author and rather an article writer, you can also send your articles and publication on the website increasing your chances to attract an audience. They also have an advice article section from different art people for creatives who are starting on their journey! Take the Advice from Pros here.

For filmmakers: Lastly, filmmakers can also add their video short movies where they can show their talent.

You get all of these creative selections of arts in just a single place.

The main idea of ArtsKeeper is for artists to get a living for their craft. The best thing about the platform is that they can also get it for free or at a very nominal fee; these services include guidance on marketing tools like social media advertisements, and joining communities that include other artists that have the same passion as yours, and many more to come!

Just go through the website and you will have the option to either send your art piece to sell or promote your art there! You can join the community by following this link.


Sahiba is a writer, blogger, bookstagrammer, and learning illustrator. Whenever she's not writing, she's probably reading, or, listening to audiobooks.

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