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Wind River (A Film Review)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Wind River is one of the most soul stirring films I have seen in recent years.

An Indian-American girl goes off to spend a night with her Caucasian boyfriend, in his cabin on a Winter rig-camp in the woods. The boy’s friends return from a night out, drunk, and with super-charged libido. They find the boy making out with his girlfriend, and they felt entitled to join, but when the boy resists and tries to protect his girlfriend from the gnashing wolves “friends”, they attack him, knock him out with the butt of a wine bottle and repeatedly rape his girlfriend.

The boy regains consciousness and tries to fight back, but he is overpowered, knocked out and killed by his supposed friends and colleagues. His girlfriend uses that chance to escape into the cold and frosty night, without her shoes.

After walking miles, treading barefoot on crackling and freezing snowflakes, her lungs succumbs to the cold; collapses, and she dies as a result of prolong exposure to cold and frostbites.

Her death is the inciting incident for every other conflicts in the story, and her death is avenged in the end by her uncle; a skilled marksman and a prey-hunter in the woods, even with the presence of a law agent, FBI agent Jane Banner (played by Elizabeth Olsen).

In region where an effective judicial system and the law was far from, nothing was more satisfying than watching those bastards hunted down like wild animals in the woods by one of the main protagonists of the story, Cory Lambert (played by Jeremy Renner).

Nsikan Hilary.

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