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Last Daughter of Atlantis Book I: How the World Ended Millennia Ago

Last Daughter of Atlantis Book I: How the World Ended Millennia Ago

IN THE DAYS OF NOAH, IN AN ANCIENT WORLD OF ANXIETY... Noah warned the world about the coming flood yet, outside of his family, no one listened. Ancient prophecies, signs, and omens pointed to coming worldwide disaster—yet no one listened.


Signs in the environment and society provided humanity with another set of warnings—yet no one listened! No one listened... except for an Atlantean telepathic wunderkind-scientist, Ithyanna. Ithy, as her friends called her, saw the impending destruction and, through her extensive doctoral research, urged the building of at least one space-ark to carry a nucleus of humans to safety.


But only a handful of people signed on, one of them a wealthy financier-cultural demagogue, and thus work began on Project Life-Escape and its starship of life. Battling ever-growing economic woes, scoffing masses, the duplicity of her benefactor, a growing threat of all-out war with totalitarian Lemuria, and resistance from the Divine, Ithyanna and her project workers toil bravely to save humanity.


Will Ithyanna’s valiant efforts to get humans to another world succeed .. or fail?

  • Author Bio

     Don Edward Cook decided to become a writer late in life. As someone who ardently believes in life and liberty coupled with Godly principles and integrity, Mr. Cook’s faith in God and love for science fiction has resulted in the writing of Ithyanna, Last Daughter of Atlantis. This novel is loosely based upon his short film The Last Atlantean (2009), which garnered a place in the top ten percentile of IMDb’s MovieMeter during mid-summer 2010. Mr. Cook currently resides in London, Ontario, Canada.

  • Reviews


    “This first installment of a religion-themed SF/fantasy saga focuses on the high-tech but intrigue-wracked... nation of Atlantis and how a brilliant woman trusts science to rescue humanity from doom... In this engrossing tale, treachery, arrogance, violence, nonbelief, and selfishness beset the eponymous hero’s plans and illuminate God’s true path... This work certainly isn’t part of the Tim LaHaye/Jerry B. Jenkins school of Christian fantasy. An engaging, offbeat, and Bible-inspired apocalyptic tale.” —Kirkus Reviews

    “Worth reading… A sci-fi book mixing legend and religious characters and stories. It brings us the myths of Atlantis and the Bible in a different, new way… The technology used and talked about in the book… creates a story where myth meets real world…This is a book for pure science fiction fans and also young adult readers… it is an interesting new take on old themes and has a lot to offer… a page turner.”—Hanlie Robbertse, Reedsy Discovery

    “Cook keeps the action brisk and tension high, and… efficiently captures the crude human messiness of ignorance, self-centeredness, and greed… This Bible-inspired apocalyptic tale is… Original, intelligent, and deeply intricate…” —The Prairie Book Review

    “Five stars” —BookCoffee/Goodreads

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