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Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

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A mixed media painting skillfully using color to portray a delighted dancer enjoying the beauty of the sunset. The vibrancy captures the energy of the setting sun.


Tuyisenge Chislon is Rwanda based artist born in1997. He is  a self-taught visual artist, photographer and traditional dancer inspired by nature, and influence of art in the different societies of world. His art mainly focus and passionate about African wildlife, nature and people.


His process for creating paintings and artworks Involves the use of media including acrylic paints, oil, water colors paints and an array of textures with textiles. And use recycled materials for creating art installations through them to save the environment free from being polluted.

Chislon loves and is passionate about sharing art skills to the communities to make positive change to the  lives of society, especially the young generation, where he  teaches and conducts children art workshops.

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