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Quantum Cannibals

Quantum Cannibals

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In the Stone Age Arctic, Osnat, a brilliant, pregnant, quantum scientist knows where she is but she doesn’t know when.


A mysterious technology has exiled her and her people across time to a frigid wasteland above the northern radiation belts. She and her husband Simon search for food, warmth, for any kind of help. They find instead a band of indigenous Tunniq who attack, rather than assist. Though she craves vengeance, Osnat realizes that the murderous savages are the help her people need to survive. The conflict between need and ideals tears at her as she learns their ways. Must Osnat become a brutal savage in order to save her people?


Quantum Cannibals is an epic tale spanning five thousand years. Science, folklore, history and ethnography bind Quantum Cannibals into an intelligent, cohesive and action-packed adventure.

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    Nathan Elberg is a Realtor and anthropologist who has lived and hunted with Indians and Inuit. He's studied folklore, warfare, cannibalism, shamanism, Kabbalah, primitive art and communications among other things. He's a member of the Canadian Fantasy and Science Fiction Association, and Chairman of the International Board of CIJR, a think-tank. He blogs occasionally at

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