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Traditional Ink-and-Wash Art


  • What does ArtsKeeper do?
    Helping artists make a living on their art - we do this via SECI: Services/ Exposure/Community/Income ArtsKeeper helps artists get seen and make a living on their art. We provide free and low-cost tools to help artists promote their work, build social networks and followings, and earn money via easy access to services artists need to have successful art-based businesses.
  • How can I promote my work on ArtsKeeper?
    to this page and complete the form which provides us with all the info we need and gives us your permission.
  • What services does ArtsKeeper provide?
    ArtsKeeper helps provide artists with free or low cost tools to support growing an arts-based business. The types of services we provide now or will add include: social media ads low-cost or pro-bono legal help low-cost or pro-bono accounting help low-cost insurance proposals & grants search places to learn manage your collection track your art calendar online vault secure storage to house/ safeguard your digital products supplies (find specialty supplies, learn about sales and deals, swap with other members) find venues live sessions community outreach and more Go to the ArtsKeeper Services page to see the available services.
  • How does ArtsKeeper provide community?
    The ArtsKeeper site provides both public and private rooms where you can discuss your work with friends and colleagues, give and receive help from one another. Check out our communities.
  • How does ArtsKeeper help provide exposure?
    We have a showcase where you can display your work, - an online gallery for paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc. - an online library, with an ebook reader, so that people can read your work, - an online music hall where people can listen to your music - a streaming channel where people can see your performances. We will promote your work on social media to raise your visibility and help you create a following.
  • How can ArtsKeeper help artists generate income?
    We have an ecommerce store where people will be able to buy your art. In addition, we will collaborate with other sites that sell art; we enable artists to collaborate with others; we will have lists of calls and auditions; we will find venues, publicize jam sessions and help artists find agents and sell tickets to shows, concerts, films, etc.; and we will have a location to find awards, prizes and scholarships.
  • What types of artistic categories does ArtsKeeper support?
    ArtsKeeper covers the literary arts, music, the visual arts, performance arts and will also cover broadcasting, architecture and the decorative arts and crafts. Our goal is to be inclusive, so if you don't see an appropriate category for your art, let us know.
  • What types of Artists will find ArtsKeeper Useful?
    ArtsKeeper is for: - writers, novelists, poets, story writers and essayists, whether they write books, eBooks, audiobooks or comics, all type of writers - painters, sculptors, photographers, lithographers, printmakers, etc. - musicians of every type - performers, dancers, actors, filmmakers, circus artists, comedians, etc. - broadcasters in television, radio, podcasting and bloggers, etc. -architects and designers - artists working in the decorative arts and crafts including ceramics, fashion design, carvings, embroidery, weaving and more
  • How can I Join ArtsKeeper?
    First thing to do is click the Join button at the top right so we have your contact information. Then contact us via email and we'll get back to you right away.
  • How much does ArtsKeeper cost?
    ArtsKeeper is free for artists. Because we have operating costs, we intend to take a small referral fee or commission for items sold in the ArtsKeeper store. Our rates will be less than traditional fees and we will be transparent about them. For some other services, there may be fees in the future. When those services are available, we will mark them so you are aware of any costs associated with using them. ArtsKeeper promises to put excess money we earn back into the artist community.
  • Does ArtsKeeper need volunteers?
    Yes, please check our Volunteers page for information and open volunteer positions. We believe volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, develop under the mentorship of experienced people and contribute to the arts community. ArtsKeeper depends on volunteers and appreciates the people who are working to bring you this platform and are working to keep it interesting and helpful.
  • Why does ArtsKeeper have public rooms?
    The public rooms are for everyone to post and share. We also provide private, specific artist-type focused communities for members only.
  • Why does ArtsKeeper have private rooms?
    The private rooms are for artists of various types to discuss private affairs. They are safe places to discuss and display your works in progress, swap ideas and materials, create teams and more. If you don't see a private room that meets your needs, let us know and we'll happily create one.
  • How does ArtsKeeper help provide exposure?
    We showcase artwork submitted by artists on the ArtsKeeper web site where we have: an online gallery for paintings, sculptures, photographs, etc. an online library, with an ArtsKeeper branded ebook reader, so that people can read your work an online music hall where people can listen to your music a streaming channel where people can see your performances we are starting a collection of ArtsKeeper podcasts to allow artists to tell their stories and more We will promote your work on social media to raise your visibility and create a following. You can submit your work following the steps on the ArtsKeeper Services page.
  • Will ArtsKeeper have ads?
    Yes, eventually we will support ads because the ads help cover our expenses. We will ensure that they are not too intrusive, and are even helpful.
  • What's coming next?
    We intend to provide a platform for lectures, teaching, jams, podcasts, and poetry readings. Coming soon. If you would like to help with any of these, let us know... we'd love your help.
  • How can I get Involved in ArtsKeeper?
    We need your help to spread the word about ArtsKeeper to get more artists to join and use our services. The bigger we get, the better chance we have of getting donations and investments so we can provide more services to our community. Donations are another way to help ArtsKeeper and the arts community we serve.
  • Where can I get the eBook Reader?
    ArtsKeeper is testing our free eReader - this will soon be available. Watch this space.
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