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Art Coach/Mentor

Personal advice, support, and career and/or creativity coaching - Consists of weekly meetings along with activities and different assignments. Guidance through healing in order to get to your Purpose. Helping women realize their purpose, and how to unlock.
Providing tools that helped me push out purpose.
Group sessions. Includes: Writing journal and a copy of my upcoming 2nd book.
We start small and walk up this mountain together one step at a time.
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1106 Design

Your book deserves everything it would get at a traditional publishing house. Your decision to self-publish doesn’t mean you have to settle for second best. YOU and your book deserve more! We offer a range of services to indie authors who want a top-quality book and higher profits without doing the work themselves.

3D Animations, Models, Games and Images - Glorious Onyemaihisiwu

3D Animations, Models, Games and Images - Communicate through Design using Autodesk 3ds to model, animate, and render detailed 3D characters, photorealistic designs, and complex scenes for film and TV, games, and design visualization projects. contact:
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Commissioned Art

Idonaba zealous also known as zealpencil is a native of Edo state,Nigeria. Zealous started drawing at age 6 as far as he could remember, he practices with comics and cartoon drawing as a young child. He studied and graduated from high school at year 2021, after learning some skills , he decided to pursue his artistic career. His works are illustrations of his emotions, his society and his imagination.
He is also specialized in portraits drawing.
Description: I am currently offering commissioned artwork

Digital Marketing - Mominur Rahaman

I am a full-time digital marketer and SEO professional. Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Book Marketing, Google Top Ranking, Content Writing, Backlinks, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Keyword Research and Others. Any business and product that I can promote globally or to targeted customers in an instant. I do all the work manually and with my full responsibility.

Rates: $10/Hour

Elevated Edit

Adeline enjoys helping people communicate their thoughts clearly and smoothly. She believes authors should have credibility, authority, and well-spoken messages; readers should have a smooth experience, turning page to page without any hiccups. When Adeline's not editing, or talking with other people in the industry, you might find her working out, helping at the local homeless shelter, reading, listening to music, or seeing friends.

Health and Fitness Writing

I am a writer who mainly specializes in non-fiction works like self-help, business, beauty and lifestyle but my main focus remains in the health niche because that's something I am passionate about. My portfolio is always available on demand and I can't wait to hear from you.
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Inspirational Poetry Books &Craft Items

I create laser engraved wooden plaques, t-shirts, tote bags, magnets, balloons with my published inspirational poetry applied to the items.

The one message I would like to convey to my readers is to Cherish Life and the many Blessings God sends your way! "Dream"-"Dream"-"Dream" you can make your dreams a Reality! This was taken from one of my poems in the book called "Dream". My advice to aspiring Authors would be to pursue your writing as an Author if it is a passion and make your "Dream" come to light!

My book can be purchased at, Barnes and and Other items that I have incorporated my inspirational poetry on such as laser engraved wooden plaques, t-shirts, tote bags, magnets and balloons are also available for sale through my business Poetry Pantry LLC.

KDP TAZONE - Experienced Book Cover Design Creator and "KDP Expert"

I am a designer by passion & profession with over 2 years of experience. I've been working online as a freelancer for several years now, with 1K+ completed projects: book cover design, ebook cover design, children's book interior design, t-shirt design, etc. I'm passionate about what I do, and I always deliver the work quickly and on time. I have a wealth of experience in complex composition and a keen eye for details and colors. My work has been considered very professional by buyers worldwide, who have now become my regular clients.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss this!

Marketing Content and Strategy and SEO-Optimization

I help small, mid-sized, and large businesses with content strategy and SEO-optimized blogs and articles. I am here to assist you with your project based on my experience and qualifications:
☛ 2+ years of experience as a Content Writer.
☛ Technical writing
☛ 2+ years of experience as a Blog Content Creator.
All my Contents are Original | Search Engine Optimized | Grammatically correct, and Persuasive.
☛ Copywriting
☛ product description
☛ Social media content
☛ Search Engine Optimization (On-Page + Off-Page)
☛ Creative writing
☛Press Release Writing
I am comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure that projects are completed on time and to the highest standard.

Palisade Literary Agency

Palisade Literary Agency, a division of Palisade Productions LLC., is an upcoming independent boutique literary agency for writers.

Donovan Levine is a published writer and solo literary agent based in White Plains, New York. I am the author of the book A Lyrical Soul.

Currently seeking submissions for Historical Fiction, YA Fiction, New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Sci-Fi, Illustrated Books, or Non-fiction. I do NOT represent

Donovan Levine

I’m the founder of Project Palisade, published writer and solo literary agent based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am the author of the book A Lyrical Soul.

Currently seeking submissions for Historical Fiction, YA Fiction, New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Sci-Fi, Illustrated Books, or Non-fiction memoir. Check out my wish list.

You can find me on the AALA here.

Contact Us:

Photoshop Editing and Retouching

I am a professional Photo Editor. I am using the expensive frequency separation technique of retouching. so your picture will look natural and attractive with high-resolution quality

Photo Retouching Service:
Group Photo Retouch
Photo Manipulation
Product Retouch
Old Restoration Service
Wedding photo edit
Teeth Whitening
Skin Retouching
Color correction
Image resizing and cropping
Changing background

100% satisfaction
Unlimited Revisions
Delivery time within 24 hours
Fast and friendly customer services

Professional CV/Resume Writing - Over 11K Happy Customers

Resume Writing - I am a Professional Resume Writer with more than 11K+ resume orders completed, while maintaining a better than 99% customer satisfaction rate. I have hands-on, progressive experience in resume writing, team leadership, proofreading/editing, and creative writing; I have had the opportunity to build a well-rounded, accomplished career.

For 6+ years I have been writing resumes and related job search materials. During this time, I have become an expert in ATS standards, executive-level resumes, professional bios, cover letters, and career marketing materials. Using this experience and knowledge I support my team in creating top-notch documents that assist our clients in landing their dream jobs.


I will polish your rough work into a sparkling gem of a document. Stand out in a crowd with your flawless, impactful and perfectly formatted document! I am a published author, actor, model, singer and videographer. My Poetry, poems, all my words and stories convey life and all its ups and downs.
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The Word Merchant

Professional writing, journalism, editing, and proofreading. That entails byline/ghostwriting for clients, blogs, content/copywriting in B2B and B2C sectors, profiles, etc.

A self-published author, I also offer services pertaining to manuscripts, back-cover blurbs, and book-cover design consultation.

$US25 an hour; manuscripts at US3c a word - Contact Me:

Transcription and Subtitling

I am a transcriber and subtitler. I have been working with well-renowned companies such as to produce high quality transcription and captions for videos and audios. I have been in the industry for over three years now. I speak fluent English, and I've got great written English too. I offer my services to individuals who are interested in getting their message to a wider audience by having their work transcribed. I offer services for: Films Meetings Podcasts Sermons Lectures, among others.

$50 per video/audio hour
$40 per video/audio hour
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