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Generative AI won’t kill graphic design jobs any more than the invention of cameras eliminated paint

In the dozens of lists circulating the internet that predict which jobs artificial intelligence will replace, graphic designers are often named. Adobe’s newest AI features could move that forecast along, but the company’s leadership has another idea about the future of creative jobs.

While developments in image generation are sure to make graphic design more accessible, they don't diminish the work of artists, according to Ashley Still, Adobe’s senior vice president of digital media. “Two things can be true,” she tells Fortune. “Technological innovations can both bring more people into the medium and increase the need for professionals.

“Think about the invention of the camera,” Still says. “People thought painting was going to go away, and it didn’t. It’s just that a new type of content emerged.” Taking it a step further, the invention of the digital camera meant more people could take photos, but it didn’t replace the need for professional photographers, Still says.

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