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Permission to Pause

Updated: Jan 18

As we go through the craziness of our daily lives, we can come out on the other end a little burnt out, a little tired, and ready for a week-long nap. For many years this has been my experience, and I can bet you I'm not alone on this one. Often we forget to give ourselves permission to pause.

When we start to burn out, our body forces us to take stock and make intentional changes. But, often we aren't listening. Women are especially bad at this. So much noise. Too many appointments. We overcommit ourselves to others and undervalue our own health. It's important to allow ourselves to pause – not to simply do it, but give yourself permission without feeling guilty.

If we don't take time for ourselves, we risk burning out. We run on empty and this can affect our energy levels, mood, passion and drive. We become bogged down with details and become less efficient and productive. Emotionally we can feel angry, frustrated, defeated and stuck. Taking a few moments to refuel the gas tank is key to overcoming or avoiding these situations.

There are many ways to recharge our batteries -- walking outside, journaling, writing poetry, taking photographs, making art, going out with a friend... maybe even doing nothing but relaxing and getting back in tune with life.

Some experts say taking a pause should be intentional and be done with purpose. Sounds like a good idea to me - I think play should be prioritized and intentional.

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