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The Jolly Muse

Hello and Welcome to The Jolly Muse-Blog!

New blogger here on ArtsKeeper! My name is Kerry and I have been writing since I could hold a pencil. I have five published works and have contributed to several anthologies. I also have two blogs, one is about writing and the other, Mindful Manipulation is about actively participating in your own healing, and ways to be mindful. Granted this is kind of a trend, but I have been writing about it for a few years now, after having taught and practiced karate for almost twenty years. 

Ever since my first book was published, I wanted to be a part of something which helped support the efforts of artists. ArtsKeeper has the absolute heart of that in mind and I hope everyone reading this will spread the word as well as join. 

Today is December 21, Happy Solstice! At this time of year I always wonder if artists like to give pieces they have created? When I was a child that was pretty much what I did. I would make a song or poem specifically for a loved one or friend. Even the classic homemade coupon books. Maybe this came from being in grade school, and making neat projects for gifts, and my parents being so thankful, but the notion stuck with me. Receiving something from someone that they made or wrote just fills me with joy. I am curious as to if other artists also focus their creative expressions for gifts as well? Please feel free to comment!

For now, I will leave you with my personal “funny” for this time of year. If you recall the name of the blog, The Jolly Muse, I would offer you the reason for the name. December 25th is Christmas, and is associated with celebrating Jesus' birth for Christians. It also happens to be my birthday. The funny thing is that my maiden last name is Jolly. Hence, The Jolly Muse. But at this time of year, I am always most grateful that my parents were kind, naming me Kerry, as opposed to Holly. (Holly Jolly, born on Christmas? YIKES!) Even still, it was quite a source of mirth for classmates. 

I look forward to offering interviews and reviews about other artists and their works, as well as my own. If you would like to be interviewed, or featured, please drop me a comment or message. 

Great Success to you all!

Thanks for the read!


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