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Irving L Brittle Jr - "It's Not Rocket Science"

Irving L Brittle Jr - "It's Not Rocket Science"

This book offers an understandable and usable introduction to the theology of Paul of Tarsus. By digesting and condensing the impressions and interpretations of more than one hundred other writers, Irving L. Brittle Jr. presents an approachable work that guides the reader through the main topics of St. Paul’s theology centered on Jesus Christ and the wisdom of living Christians who follow the Lord. This interpretation of the theology of St. Paul provides a concise introduction and interpretation of the apostle’s theology of Jesus Christ and the nature of Christian life.

  • Author Bio

    Retired, and Living In The Great State of Florida. Writing and research have been a major part of my life both in my employment and enjoyment. Some have asked me, " What Next?," and I don't have a firm answer. One project concerns 'common everyday garden herbs.' The nutritional and medicinal properties of plants grown in the 'back yard' is exciting . . . and you will feel better and live healthier.

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