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Best Places to Sell Your Book Online (Top 5 Picks)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

With the addition of eBooks and audiobooks, the writing industry is gradually becoming competitive as writers no longer have to go through the brick and mortar publishing houses before they can have their books seen by millions of people. Now that you have taken a big step forward by completing your work of art, it is time to go a bit further by selling your book.

There is this sense of pride that comes when you put your book up for sale, and it gets even better when you experience the joy of having your first sale. So, to help you in your goal of becoming the next best seller or just making money from selling books online, we will be breaking down 5 of the best platforms where you can sell your books.

1. Amazon

Amazon has to be one of our top picks. It is one of the best places to sell your eBooks and have millions of customers see it because it is such a well-established and popular platform. In fact, some reports say that the eBooks published on Amazon make up 68% of the eBook market.

You can make between 35% to 60% on royalties, but before you get into Amazon, you have to decide:

  • If you want to be a professional or individual seller

  • Your Fulfillment method. The first method is the Fulfillment by Merchant method (FBM). Here, you have to pack and ship the book yourself once an order is placed, and you have to store the books yourself. The second method is the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), and for this method, Amazon will store and ship the book for you anytime someone makes an order for it.

2. BookDeal

Amazon has a lot of choices for you to choose from, which could be a bit frustrating and overwhelming, and if you don't want to go through the stress of deciding what to do, BookDeal is just the platform for you.

With this platform, all you have to do is create an account, and depending on the type of book you are selling and its quality, the site will give you different offers. If you are okay with the offer, go ahead to choose a payment method and confirm the deal.

You will be paid 5 days after ever the book has been sold.

3. Sellfy

Like BookDeal, Sellfy is another website that is easy to use. With the platform, you can sell anything from eBooks, software, courses, and some physical products, which also makes it a great choice for content creators.

Sellfy offers about 4 different plans, and each of them has features unique to each plan. For example, you can use the free plan to sell up to 10 products, but you cannot sell any digital downloads. But the Premium plan, which is the highest plan, comes with more features, all for $19 a month.

4. is a unique platform that sells used textbooks to college students, and your books don't have to be in perfect condition before you can sell them. But your books will be rejected if they are seriously damaged.

But if you want to sell other books, especially paperback books and you can always buy a book from the platform and sell it back to them if you no longer need it.

5. Chegg

Chegg is a great place to sell your books, and they give you great offers depending on the type of book you want to sell. With Cheggs, you can ship your books to them for free, and after your book has been received by them, they will pay you for it, but this will typically take between 10-15 days, depending on how long it takes to process and ship your books.


There are countless sites out there where you can sell books, but not all of them will be willing to accept your work or pay you well for it. The websites mentioned here, along with an up-and-coming platform called Artkeeper store, are great places for authors and creatives to share their work with the world.

With these websites, authors are rewarded for their hardwork and make the most of their writing.

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