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The Value of ArtsKeeper

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

ArtsKeeper is here to make you a success.

When ArtsKeeper was starting we took a survey of the things artists (of all types) needed to help their arts businesses thrive. I'm happy to let you know all but one of these features are now available on our platform. And better yet, its all available for your use. Here is the shortlist of reasons why every artist should use ArtsKeeper.


First thing you can do to get value from ArtsKeeper is to join. This allows us to keep in touch and let you know about new services and features and how to take advantage of them.


ArtsKeeper will promote your art and your services at no cost to you. Promotion includes posting your work on our Showcase and getting our army of volunteers to post specially crafted promos for your work on every social media channel.


The ArtsKeeper platform enables us to do live and recorded events. For you, this means we can use any recorded performance sent to us, or we can spotlight you in a live online event, which we will also record for future use by us and by you.


We are about to start providing online courses on art topics. Anyone who is interested in helping create a course is welcome to participate.


Interviews with artists, storytelling and book readings are among the first things planned. If you are interested in either being the subject of a podcast or helping produce some, let us know.


ArtsKeeper has three channels for you to express yourself and share experiences or provide guidance. These are our Blog, Forum and Groups. Please feel free to use these and create a following on ArtsKeeper.


We now have an automated feature for posting jobs and for letting others know you are available for hire or commission.


We've added a new service to provide daily updated art news so you can keep up with what's happening all in one place -- on ArtsKeeper. We have also added a Calendar of upcoming events, as well as a homepage ticker to promote Art Contests, Calls for Artists, etc. ArtsKeeper will provide space on this ticker so you can promote your event, contest, new works, etc. Contact us if you're interested.



Soon, the ArtsKeeper online store will be launched so you can sell your work. An added bonus for you is that every item in our store will be promoted on our site and on social media and other ecommerce stores. Watch for our announcement.


ArtsKeeper will soon provide a secure area for members to use to store important files and photos, recordings, etc. More to come soon on this feature.


We know it is an expense to have your own web domain and hosting contract, as well as hiring web designers if needed. ArtsKeeper plans to provide this service for our members in the near future.

ArtsKeeper keeps improving and is responsive to your needs and requests. We just revamped our home page to make it more interesting and useful. We hope you like it. Drop us a line and give us your feedback.

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