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Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year!

The year 2023 is finishing and the new year 2024 starting. It has been a momentous year for ArtsKeeper. ArtsKeeper is the social media platform for all writers, musicians, visual artists and performers, as well as enthusiasts and patrons, anyone who loves the Arts.


ArtsKeeper is a social enterprise, a business or organization that has the primary goal of addressing a social issue while also generating revenue. Unlike traditional businesses that focus primarily on profit maximization, social enterprises prioritize making a positive impact on society. We believe that ArtsKeeper should earn enough money to support its goals, to pay its bills and the people working for it, but the key goal of a social enterprise is to improve the world, not only to earn money. ArtsKeeper’s goal is to be a community of artists (creative people), to help the arts flourish and artists thrive. We don’t compete directly with others who earn money by supporting artists and the arts, but work with them.


We maintain our social presence at our website, (also accessible at and Membership and most services on ArtsKeeper are free. We want to encourage artists. Only he/ she knows what he/she is creating. Let me know what you think. How can ArtsKeeper be useful for you?


While building up ArtsKeeper, we look for volunteers, patrons and donors.


Are you interested, or is anyone you know interested? Because we believe that all people who work should have a decent salary, we intend active volunteers to be given the opportunity to convert to full-time paid positions as these become available. Volunteers will work remotely using their own equipment and connectivity.


If you love the arts and can do so, we invite you to be a sponsor, patron or donor to ArtsKeeper. If you want to share in the growth of ArtsKeeper, talk to us about investing.


In 2023, ArtsKeeper has grown to have almost 800 members. ArtsKeeper is becoming the community we envision, the community of all artists all over the world. We offer some services, an opportunity to promote your art or service, a showcase for the arts. In 2024, we will open the ArtsKeeper store where people can buy books, music, paintings and sculpture. We will grow more. We invite you to join us. We will start our program of podcasts, ArtsKeeper Speaks and invite you to buy ArtsKeeper products to show your support.


Have a great year with ArtsKeeper and bring your friends, family and neighbors. Let’s make 2024 a wonderful creative year together.


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