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"In Praise of Art" - A poem that celebrates the beauty and power of the arts.

In praise of art, we lift our voices high

To celebrate the beauty that it brings

A melody that echoes through the sky

And stirs within our hearts the sweetest things

Oh art, how wondrous are the things you do

You capture life and render it sublime

Through colors, forms, and sounds that ring so true

You breathe new meaning into space and time

With every brush stroke, note, or pen in hand

You bring to life a world beyond compare

Your vision transforms what we understand

And shows us all the wonders that are there

In praise of art, we honor those who make

The works that fill our lives with joy and grace

We stand in awe of all that they create

And thank them for the beauty of their pace

So let us raise our voices high in song

And celebrate the artists of our day

Their works inspire us, move us, and belong

To all the beauty that we see and say

In praise of art, we find the very heart

Of all that's good and true and pure and right

A living legacy that will impart

A vision of a world bathed in its light.

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1 comentário
19 de fev. de 2023

@Ofentse “Gift” Manchidi This is a really beautiful expose - it's especially nice when read aloud using the audio feature. (did you really want to use that graphic though? Seems disconnected to me, but maybe I'm just out of touch.)

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