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Marc Chagall Print Stolen from New York Gallery During Smash-and-Grab Heist

BY DANIEL CASSADY - Read the article November 13, 2023

The glass doors of a five-story art gallery in Midtown Manhattan were smashed, and a $100,000 lithograph by Marc Chagall was plucked from inside the dealership and walked down the block, according to a recent report from NBC New York.

The early morning heist took place at 2:20 a.m. on September 25, the gallery told ARTnews.

The thieves, whose smash-and-grab and getaway were recorded by surveillance cameras, parked their 1996 Honda Accord around 55th Street near Carton Fine Arts, the gallery’s owner, Charles Saffati, told NBC. One of them then walked down the block and began whacking at the front doors with a hammer. Once he had broken through, he pulled the Chagall painting off an easel near the doors.

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