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Painting with light: Coeur d’Alene wildlife photographer to release book

Thirty-seven years ago, Tim Christie pulled over in Glacier National Park to make a sandwich.

The nature photographer from Coeur d’Alene went to Glacier with hopes of photographing mountain goats. Cloud cover spoiled that plan. Instead, he drove around a bit, looking for something else.

As he was making his sandwich, he saw two deer, a big buck and a doe, walking across the road. He took some pictures as they crossed, then followed them into the woods, not even taking the time to change from his running shoes into his hunting boots.

He took a lot of photos. One wound up becoming a magazine cover. But as he got toward the end of his last roll of film, he heard something bust through the brush behind him. The deer spooked, and he started walking back to his truck.

Then he saw a brown blur through an opening in the trees.

“I don’t know how I knew, but I did. Grizzly cub,” Christie writes in his new book, “Stories Painted With Light.”

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