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Goodness! All electronic issues *knocking on wood* have been fixed! I apologize for the apparent disappearance and subsequent absence! I have been taking copious notes, so I hope to catch up quickly! :)

Speaking of which, I have a question for you. What are your thoughts about being included in someone's fictional story? For instance, if a horror author used your name as the name of a victim? Personally, I always have asked permission. But if you were asked the same thing, would it feel like a fun opportunity, or would it bother you being killed in a story?

If you were a business owner, would you like if your business was listed and used as a back drop? Even if the name wasn't quite blaring, but anyone reading the book within the local area would know? With all permissions granted, and in writing, aside and a given?

Can't wait to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for the read!


Beware! the danger is real!

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This is a very interesting conundrum. I was interviewed over months for a mental health issue in quite a well known newspaper. I wanted my story to reach others and help sufferers not feel so alone. My issue was worrying about future employers and how that could affect my career prospects. In the end I gave a pseudonymous name, this was years ago and despite me wanting to increase awareness I struggle to reveal myself knowing the possible impact with taboos that I’m trying to change….!


You bring up points I’ve not considered before. I think I’m fine with using my name but not necessarily my company name…that’s because it could create doubt in my customers about our legitimacy, reputation and credibility.

Kerry Morgan
Kerry Morgan
06 de jan.
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That is a great point! So an actual business name could have a negative result- Even in a fictional work if it was too close to reality, a non-local person wouldn't know that.

Thank you! :)


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