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The Best Writing Services for Artists

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Different types of writing require different types of service. For example, If you are writing a novel independently and not with a major publication house, you may want to hire a freelance proofreader or editor or if you are doing any academic research then you may need someone to cross-check the written material, etc

Nowadays, you can find almost anyone for a role or service you want a particular service for. Definitely, an advantage but can get extremely overwhelming as well. That is why it would be better to take a look at the list of the following writing services for artists before going full-in!

There are both free and premium services that not only new but even already established artists go by and use in their publication of the work. Here are some names for both categories:

The best writing services for artists (Free):

Grammarly: One of the most commonly used apps for correcting the grammar of any article/ writing piece by people. This service is not only used by writing professionals but even by students nowadays as it is the top grammar correction right now. It's available in both free and paid versions.

Bibisco: This software for Windows, Mac, and Linux is free and a popular choice for writing and organizing your novel ideas. The person can drag and drop their segments or notes in between the written format as their wish and save them in their ideal format.

Hemingway App: This online software is considered to be the best free alternative to Grammarly and can be used by not only authors but other people like students, academics, article writers, etc. as well. It will outline the errors in your documents but instead of the suggestions being straight, they would be quite general.

The best writing services for artists (Paid):

Scrivener: This top writing software is considered one of the best in the market due to its wealth of functions like opening your documents across different devices, the addition of ideas and notes when the inspiration strikes, and more. You can check their payment plan here.

Outsourcing from third-party services like Fiverr, etc: Making a profile is very easy and you would be able to find a wide variety of freelancers working in the writing industry whether it be an assistant, ghostwriter, or anyone else. You'll be able to see their work until now and references from people and then only make your decision to hire a particular candidate.

ProWritingAid for Proofreading: This is an online Proofreader software that can be used if you don't want to use a human proofreader ( though, I recommend the latter one). This is paid and just like Grammarly, can be used across different devices.

Hope you do check out these service platforms on the internet and in the market and find the best one that suits your style and budget. Remember these are only some of the sites, new sites for writing services come into the market at regular intervals and you should try and find the one to focus on the area you need. Though a caution before, do a background check on the service provider for any writing skill you are going for as they should be genuine and safe.

Have a wonderful time writing!

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