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The " I " in Decide

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Fair warning.

This is one of those posts that I rarely make. Full of personal thoughts and opinions about.... Politics... The Presidential candidates. I know, it's okay to run screaming for the hills now.

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Here in the US we do have to decide some things pretty quickly. Like who should be our next president. I used to get excited about casting my vote. Always kept it to myself as well. I just wanted to listen, make up my own mind without people fighting to change it, or influence me. I didn't want to do it back either.

Not so excited anymore. In fact the choices are simply, between evil's as the saying goes. That was the only thing I could come up with to describe the chore it has become.

Even trying to research, or find out more information, it just makes me shake my head. How has it come to this? Now, my default, I don't think I can stand to write-in, as would be required.

Nope. Not this time. Even if this was a campaign management decision, and not an order sent down through the ranks. If you refuse to be listed on my states ballot you are not asking for my vote. The reasoning behind it is a complete DISS. An insult to something important to the state.

Honestly, I looked at some of the other guys. Just to see. I must admit, one shouldn't be there, in my opinion. One just scares me, man, *shiver. The rest aren't much better either. Same feelings about other choices as well. There just isn't anyone I can put my faith into.

Makes me sad. And this time I am angry. How can I decide anything? My own President tossed away my vote, unless I, say, oh no, it's okay, I still want you. I'll write you in....

The skies are dark enough out there. The " I " inside, guides how I decide. Maybe this time, it would say more, to not even vote. Say more to myself I mean.

There is the point, that by not voting for someone runs the risk of a worst nightmare scenario happening, so to speak. Problem is, right now I can't even determine a worst case scenario. Part of the listless disappointment is due to wondering if any of our votes count at all. I mean, the rest of it seems like a great big game.

Standing and saying, no. I will not settle. I will not waste a decision, just to decide. My choice is to keep that check mark sacred. As a mark I put down and it means something. To my own self. If I can not believe in what anyone will do, it would almost be closer to lying.

It is still a ways off, the stones are still rolling around, dust hasn't come close to settling. There is time to research and maybe find someone I can vote for.

Thanks for the read!


The " I " series of articles is featured on the blog: Mindful Manipulation. This focuses on living "on purpose" particularly, actively participating in your own healing. Being mindful has kind of become the new "trendy-phrase" however it is a lot harder to do than might be thought. It is a crucial first step to truly changing your life. To "be the change" you have to be aware of what needs changing first. :) I never was much for complaining without trying to do something to fix it. :)

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Susan Smoter
Susan Smoter
Jan 13

Regardless of the politics, these are important feelings and concerns you raise. I'm right there with you without even knowing where your own political stances place you. I feel we are dysfunctional and vulnerable. I learned this morning that voters identifying as undeclared / unaffiliated is now at 67% and that's because of the two dominant parties losing faith. If most of this 67% doesn't vote, then what? I'm hunting for a solution, feels a lot like walking in the dark.

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