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The Language of Passion

What makes you an artist?

Beyond what it is you create, but why you express yourself by, creating. Maybe even another step further, look into what sparks your passion to become expressed with your art. Can you identify what sparks your passion, and the language it uses to speak?

Passion is different than inspiration. The word itself even sounds more aggressive than the other. Passion can be inspired by, something. For example, my passion, or what get's my blood pumping, is someone being bullied. I absolutely stand-up, help others do so. I rally for the Underdog.

Another passion, or dream of mine has always been to write and publish books. The two combined, became a children's adventure series. Real Uechi-Ryu Karate (sister style to Goju-Ryu, in the original Karate Kid movies) is taught within those pages. I was teaching all ages in our Dojo at the same time.

In my fierce desire to help anyone being bullied, but particularly children who might find the book faster than a defense class, The Spirit Dragon series fulfilled several dreams. Writing is my passion's language, my art. So far, almost every single story I've written has contained some element of the little guy saving the day and receiving glorious vindication.

I wonder what it is like for a painter/illustrator? Or someone who works with ceramics or metal, wood? When you are creating, what are your tools, mediums, colors saying? How do you pick?

If passion could be defined by that feeling of a burning compulsion, a call to action? Do you feel better, a sense of satisfaction when you have finished your piece? Maybe it's the reactions of others, that crosses the finish line? That whole process from feeling the emotion motivating you to use your imagination to let it out?

That, is what makes you an artist.

Thanks for the read!


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Now about passion, to me that’s the core of making art. You see and feel so completely, you must express it, share it outwardly or it will consume you.


Interesting that you taught karate. My son was learning Shōrin-ryū. Really great for learning discipline and how to handle yourself. I think if I threw a punch at him, he’d still react with an up block! lol

Kerry Morgan
Kerry Morgan
Jan 14
Replying to

It is true! For myself, hearing from students, who saved themselves, who otherwise might have not been able to, is one of the greatest things. Same when a parent has read the series and later said, thank you. I am familiar with Shorin-Ryu! But even greater, is the balance you find, within!

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