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This Is the Right Place!

Please let me thank Starline on Freepik for the Welcome banner. And I love the "Hello" in different languages too, which I found on Shutterstock.

Recently I sent out a number of invitations to check out this site. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who did stop by.

I thought about each message and did not copy or paste the same words to anyone. Funny- I wanted to say that because of all the A.I. technology out there, it feels more personal to me. More heart-felt and not mass-send so to speak. :)

I have never been the type to send out a ton of invites from all my games, or pages. At least not very often and only if I believe it is relevant or really be of interest. So when I do, I try to also reciprocate. Go to a site or something for you.

Feel free to comment, so that other's can visit too! Come to think of it, this is exactly what this site is about. The best thing though is it is specifically for all the creative types! But it isn't just a catalog or "list" either! It is a place to talk to each other too. That's huge. Whether you are a professional or debuting your first work, it does feel good to share about it. Maybe even get an opinion, feedback!

If you clicked on the link, please do leave your info in the comments. :) whether you join or not. So that I- can say thanks and visit in return! :)

And if you do join even better! I can't wait to see your work!

Thanks for the read!


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Hey Kerry! Amazing, I speak a few languages and it’s an idea I’ve had at the back of my mind. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration 🩷

Kerry Morgan
Kerry Morgan
Jan 12
Replying to

So very welcome! Love when that happens!


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