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Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Book For Free (audio available)

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

It's a very satisfying and long process to finish a book. It takes time, ideas, knowledge, and creativity of the author to put together a book whether it be any kind of genre. So, once the author is finally finished with the writing and publishing process, they eventually want to have an audience of readers that would read their book.

With so much competition in the industry nowadays, it can be a little hard to capture the attention of the reader, and thus, one should go through the following points to promote their book, so that their work doesn't get wasted and is being read by people.

Following are the Ways To Promote Your Book For Free:

1. Build A Social Media Presence: Get into as many social media and Social networking sites as you can. It would not only be a way for you to promote your own book through it but also help the readers to reach you! They would feel more connected!

2. Contact other Social Media Account Holders and Accounts: Remember to connect your other accounts to all the sites by adding the link to your social handles and website. This is a step that many people forget but is crucial as the person is likely to go to your given links from your page because it's more comfortable than searching.

3. Work on your blog: Now, the blogs on websites may not be as popular as social media for generation X but still, a whole lot of people go to blogs or the person's website to see their writing and thoughts. It's especially recommended to have a blog by authors through it readers can read their sample writing or articles and even get an email listing!

4. Use the best and the newest SEO techniques for optimization: It would be very hard to get listed on the search engines if your website or blog isn't designed with the latest SEO and SMO techniques. Some are free and the person can do that themselves but sometimes, people do Hire an outside team.

5. Create a wide and powerful email listing for your website or blog: As mentioned earlier, Websites and blogs get you a way to reach your reader's email inbox and that's a huge step to building a successful base. Remember to add the option to 'sign up' on your website for the readers of your blog. Many times, the owner would give the person samples of their work in exchange for their email sign-up!

6. Write Guest posts and articles on third-party apps and websites: Just search for places and websites that take outside guest writers for their site and get in touch with them with a pitch. This action would give you exposure that is an organic way to build an audience and do PR.

7. Go to Podcasts to talk about your book: You can ask the people who do book podcasts for a Podcast segment related to you and your book. It would not only get the word put about your book but would also help you connect with the listeners on a more personal level.

8. Ask for Reviews with book reviewers: If you are a first-time author and do not have a presence or connections, you can go and ask the reviewers of different book reviewing websites to review your book.

You can either ask them to purchase the book. Or give them an ARC (Advance Reader's Copy) in either a hardcopy or softcopy for an unbiased review! It is one of the most common Ways To Promote Your Book For Free today.

9. Search and go onto book promotion websites and blogs: Just like other guest article-writing sites, there are also some book promotion sites as well through which you can list your book there. Some would be global and some would be location-based, so research thoroughly. You can also connect and add your art or material to the ArtsKeeper website!

10. Connect with your readers over social media platforms and re-post their reviews on your page: Just opening social media handles won't be enough, you'll need to be active on them as well. Whenever someone will post their review or thoughts about your book and tag you, you can connect and talk to them, it makes the whole process a lot more personal. Then, if the review is nice, you can also repost it on your own feed, so that other people will see and check out your book.

Once you try these methods, the percentage of people's attention is likely to increase, which would be good for the book and the author. You can also use paid methods of PR and marketing and such but these free solutions themselves often also yield good results. Remember to check out the ArtsKeeper website for more information about the Art world!

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Author Tammy Spears
Author Tammy Spears
Feb 19, 2023

Thank you for sharing! I would like to share the link to my podcast interview with Rik Anthony that I had on 2-9-23. Enjoy!


Ricky MPN
Ricky MPN
Oct 01, 2022

thanks for sharing, very helpful

Sahiba T
Sahiba T
Oct 01, 2022
Replying to

Welcome! Hope it helps!

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