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We Need Your Creativity

Artistic creativity refers to the ability of individuals to generate novel, original, and imaginative ideas, concepts, or expressions in various artistic disciplines, such as visual arts, music, literature, dance, theater, and more. It involves the capacity to think outside the box, break away from conventions, and bring forth new forms of artistic expression that haven't been seen or heard before.

ArtsKeeper runs on creativity, which comes from our helpers and volunteers.

Have you noticed how much ArtsKeeper has grown and all the things now available to you as an artist or supporter of the arts?

  • We need writers and other content creators to provide articles, blogs, comments and likes to posts.

  • We need videographers to create thought provoking and eye-catching shorts to display on ArtsKeeper.

  • We need editors to ensure we are putting our best content products online.

  • But our biggest need is having YOU help us spread the word about ArtsKeeper. It's really easy to share any post you find on our site. Just click the 3 dots and then click share.

Every time you do this, we reach another artist! And, that's why ArtsKeeper exists! We are a community of artists for artists.

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Donovan Baldwin
Donovan Baldwin

Done. Posted to Twitter or X or whatever it is.


Many thanks!

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