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Barbarian - A Review

There's a movie on Netflix entitled "Barbarian." This story held much promise and the photography is well done. Even the acting is on on par. Is this enough to whet your appetite to see it?

Well , if you want to see this movie, stop reading!

This story, can't call it a film, never made sense. It's like there are multiple thoughts that stand alone but were smashed into one project. Which is unfortunate because the casting, makeup and lighting worked well. There just was a very weak thread of a plot that frankly didn't warrant funding this production.

There are monuments of suspense that work well but go nowhere. And as you probably expect by now, the ending is just an ending. It doesn't bring the story, such as it is, to a satisfying conclusion.

Thankfully, it's not too long. When i got to the point of wanting to scream at the screen, it was over. Like a nightmare.

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