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Do Artists Have Agents? Where to Find One?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Art Agents are the people that an artist goes to increase their chances of getting noticed, to get work from their industry officials, with the overall goal of getting an audience at the end. There are a lot of advantages of having an agent, one of the most important being: Having an art agent will get all the tension from the creative individual as they would focus only on creating their art and not finding spots to promote it or fulfill any other task that the artist wants.

So, The Question Is: Do Artists Have Agents?

Yes, most artists of different creative fields have agents which help them to get work. Though, the contracts of an artist may differ from one to another.

Agents play an important role in an artist's journey as they can quickly increase the timespan of the artist's discovery to the world.

Here are the features of Art Agents that help in the career-building of the artist:

The agent represents their client to their various connections: By using their links, the agent does a good job of representing the artist to established people. This is something that would be hard to do by yourself since the competition today in the industry is fierce.

The agent negotiates the payment for your work: They would analyze the sum from different individuals and companies who want to get you and get you the best of the best deal while working on a particular project.

They negotiate your work schedule: They can also negotiate your work with the people/companies who are recruiting you. This would be hard to do by yourself.

There are different agents for different art people, for example: For an author/ scriptwriter, they would be a literary agent. For a musician, there would be a musician talent agent, and so on. For a piece of more detailed information about agents and their roles, take a look beneath:

Following is the work that a particular agent would do for the artist:

For Artists: An artist's agent can: Find the spot of gallery openings for their artwork to showcase. License and bring commission opportunities for their client, etc.

For Authors: An author's literary agent would help in getting boo

k deals for them. They also, then, help them to choose the best option from business interests.

For Performers/Actors: Acting Agents do a lot of things for their clients as well. The agent will set up meetings with different production houses, directors, and other important people. They will negotiate the pay rate for their clients.

For Directors: Just like performers, these talent agents will get your directed performances, movies, or shots with the right people. Make sure to have a resume filled with your work done before finding a talent agent.

For Musicians: Music Talent Agents or Music Booking Agents show your performances to different music producers, movie or tv series production houses.

Where and how to find an art agent?

Research on the internet: This is the first and the easiest step that one would do to get a creative agent for them. Just go through

the listings and location of your area. You will definitely find an agent close to your home or workplace. You can contact and make a schedule to meet with. Add your art on websites and discuss your requirement of an artist, just like at places like ArtsKeeper.

Go through different artist agencies: Depending on your creative profession, you can check out agencies that have agents and send your resume to them.

Do the networking, both online and offline: There are many apps and websites where there are communities, groups, and individual people with whom you can connect and meet with an agent via just searching and communicating. As for the offline option, attend different types of networking events where creative visuals are gathered.

Advertise yourself on different forums related to fields: Depending upon your creative field, you can join different forums and communities. While joining, add an advertisement(s) for your need for an agent to represent you to people.

Use of social media platforms: You can use different social media handles and search for art agents. Connect with them over there as well and just send them a message with your resume on how you want them to represent you.

Beware, do not get the first agent who you meet, they should know everything about your plans for the future. You should feel comfortable with them as you will confide in them.

At a different stage in a creative career, you should find an agent who respects them and takes you to the roles that you want to achieve.

Getting in touch with an agent inclined with your creative field will make your career a perfect one!

One has to pay a certain percentage of their contract to their agent for them to represent them. And, that's where Artskeeper comes and helps you! By connecting to their services, you can fasten your career of being discovered early on and start living off your art, the thing you are most passionate about!


Sahiba is a writer, blogger, bookstagrammer, and learning illustrator. Whenever she's not writing, she's probably reading, or, listening to audiobooks.

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1 Comment

Mike Edge
Mike Edge
May 25, 2022

hello, Just reading about this organization, sounds fascinating. And also realize what's clearly missing in my own art (writing). So...looking to learn more. thanks, Mike

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