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Where to sell a book online for free?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Nowadays there are different sites and apps through which one can sell their books. Ebooks are being used way more than before, the reasons can be many: Environmental issues, Covid, etc. So, It is understood that authors want to sell their books online.

There are many places to traditionally sell your book like book shops, events, etc. But Where to sell a book online? To get to know them, go through the following points:

  • Amazon/ KDP

This is the top place to sell anything including books online for some years now. It's available in most the countries in the world and setting up an account is quite easier in comparison to other websites and applications.

The author of the book can add their novel as a softcopy or an ebook. The writer can set up their account on Amazon-owned-Kindle's Kindle Direct Publishing(KDP), the hub of ebook reading, and start to get an audience! Many self-published authors have found success through this. It is a top e-reader and is beloved in the world of booklovers! The customer service is also top-notch and would be able to help you at any stage of the process if you need so.

  • Through your blog/website: Selling or providing your copy on your own website or blog is the easiest way to sell a book online. Set up your blog if you don't already have any. There are many options to do so, both free and paid. And after reviewing and setting up the site, just add a page for the audience to download your book.

This not only answers the question ``Where to sell a book online for free" but can also build you an email listing of people that would get the novel if they sign up on your site! You can use these email signups to reach your email inbox with your other blog/website announcements! Thus, it's like hitting two birds with one stone!

  • Try your location-based sites according to your place: They differ from place to place and country and you would need to research Where to sell a book online for free? on a search engine to get the results and see the third-party websites and places to list your book(s) there.

  • Try other e-commerce platforms and websites: Again, you have to research the platforms that do global publishing and PR like eBay, Payhip, Overdrive, and more. The rules and regulations of these do get regulated over time, so proper exploration is required by the researcher.

You can also add your book on the ArtsKeeper website as well for the artist's exposure and awareness with the audience of readers!

  • Through interactive reading sites: There are quite a few sites and apps like Wattpad now where the writer can publish their book on these online reading interactive sites as online stories. The author can save their stories in chapters or sections or just publish the whole novel, according to their time and reader's reaction to the book.

There are some options that make these sites different from other publishing processes and they are written as follows:

  • On the sites, the audience can read and comment on your writing in real-time.

The author can edit and make changes in their story as they please which is not something that normal publishing allows to do.

You also get the choice to choose either to charge for your book or its chapter if you see and think you've built enough audience.

Now that you have gone through these sites, you can check out the ways that align with your situation the best and go with them! You can also add your book on the ArtsKeeper site to get exposure and sell through the website!

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