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Meet Glorious Onyemaihisiwu

Building 3D Animations, Models, Games and Images to Communicate Ideas and Turn Them into Reality

Glorious Onyemaihisiwu is a master student of project management at the university of Northampton. She loves to design and she is a fast learner,

enthusiastic, goal-oriented, goal getter, achiever and talented in designs. She believes that any and everyone should be given a chance to succeed in their career path or your burning desire to do. She believes that anyone can be great when giving the right opportunity, education, love, and acceptance regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender, denomination, and social status.

Glorious Onyemaihisiwu wants to empower the youth, teenagers, adults and even young

children through her YouTube channel and social media pages. She wants to encourage people to pursue their dreams irrespective of the time it takes to achieve them. She believes that if she could find her career path in life regardless of the hatred she received from people and people telling her that she will not amount to anything in life then you can also make it in life and find your strong purpose in life.

Glorious Onyemaihisiwu believes that everyone has talents, and you just need to discover

them. She wants to develop the hidden skills of people through her YouTube page and social media platform. She wants to be recognized and remembered even in her death as someone who made an impact to the people around her and the environment through her craft, donations to people, the love and care she showers people. She is a trustworthy person and believes that you can be who you are supposed to be regardless of your background or upbringing.

Glorious Onyemaihisiwu would love to win international awards and open her own company in the future where all her designs will be brought to reality. She wants all her designs to be

preserved and referred to in universities, schools, and the world at large. She wants her designs to be brought to communicate ideas so they become reality. Check out her company on the ArtsKeeper Services for Artists page.

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Lorene Rogers
Lorene Rogers
Jul 13, 2023

Fine write-up, Susan. I see you and Artskeeper are hard at work...

When is the first podcast?

Jul 13, 2023
Replying to

Hoping soon!

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